We are looking for musicians (singers, songwriters) from all over the globe (the earth is round, deal with it) to be part of our new intimate and interactive podcast!

Hit the ground running with us as we start a grass roots movement, a podcast dedicated to promoting new music in a unique way!

How it works:

Each week a musician will feature on our podcast with a creative and insightful conversation. On top of that, this artist will take over (that’s where we got the name) our social media accounts and give our audience a more in depth look into who they are!

Are you ready?!:

Head over to our SUBMISSION page and send us your information! If you’re not an artist yourself, but know someone who would love this, share this link with them OR send us their info on our RECOMMENDATION page!

Make sure you follow our INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and/or TWITTER to experience new music in a unique way!